CBS News Report on TiE Carolinas TYE team

July 19, 2018

Triguardian Technologies incubated their idea through TYE Carolinas and ran with it all the way up to to North Carolina local legislation. Their idea was covered locally by CBS.

The news report details the TYE Program in Carolinas : Five Wake County teens hope to tackle school safety by identifying potential offenders as soon as they set foot on campus. Maithili Acharya, Srisheel Gunnisetti, Ishan Sharma, Sadhana Srinivasan, and Ananyaa Sundar presented their proposal for Triguardian Technologies to the Special Committee on School Shootings, hosted by the Governors Crime Commission. Students from Panther Creek High School and Apex Friendship High School came up with their concept while participating in a Triangle youth entrepreneurship program. Check alcohol rehabs in AZ.

Triguardian plans to utilize three technologies to identify possible threats. Millimeter wave detection determines what sort of objects someone is carrying. Artificial intelligence would employ trusted professionals in computer programming to identify about 80 different types of weapons including a variety of guns and knives. Facial recognition cameras can identify if someone has permission to be on campus, such as a school resource officer who has authorization to carry a firearm.The students’ proposed solution would place pillars around the campus with the detectors embedded in each post.

Milan Patel, TYE coach says, “We advocate that students get out in the community, whether it’s working with government or other local organizations to truly find a problem with real sponsor users and make a difference.”

Five kids from TYE Carolinas present to Governors Crime Commission.

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