TiE University Global Finals 2020



Semi Finals : September 12th, 2020

Finals : September 13th, 2020


Please register for the Semi-finals – https://hub.tie.org/e/tie-university-2020-semi-finals

Please register for the Finals – https://hub.tie.org/e/tie-university-2020-finals

More than a Pitchfest!

Bootcamp, Expo & lots more..

All finalist student teams will receive access via Zoom to:

a. Startup Bootcamp/Workshops

b. TiEcon Silicon Valley and Road To TIEcon

Each team will have ten (10) minutes to pitch their product or service and five (5) minutes of Q&A.

The Awards Presentation will be held at the conclusion of the TiE University Pitchfest on Sept 13th