Blendoor’s job-matching technology counteracts unconscious bias in the application process by withholding information such as a candidate’s name and photo. In other words, it tries to level the playing field for job seekers. CEO Stephanie Lampkin told Forbes that its “blendscore,” which ranks tech companies on diversity, “will be for companies what the U.S. News & World Report is for colleges and universities.”

By the time Rai told Hue Noir CEO Paula Hayes that Elevate Inclusive Fund was investing in her startup last year, Hayes had grown frustrated by the constant need to educate white male investors who dominate venture capital about her product.
Her company produces makeup for “nuanced” skin tones—like Hayes’ own “milk chocolate.”
Hayes is a savvy marketer and a research chemist, but most investors couldn’t see how her vision fills a gap for women of color. “They always came back and said, ‘I’m so sorry, I just can’t get this passed,’” Hayes recalls.

The CEO of this natural organic babywear company, Lili Yeo, says being an immigrant, a mom and a female entrepreneur led to an isolating tendency to DIY everything.
“We really did try to bootstrap everything, because we thought that the growth was going to be on our shoulders,” recalls Yeo. More valuable than the $50,000 Elevate invested, Yeo says, has been Rai’s mentoring and “opening the Rolodex.”
“You’re seeing more women and minorities coming to the fore than ever before,” Yeo says. “And yet there’s a disparity in access to capital.”

Hemex creates affordable, life-changing medical diagnostics for under-served people everywhere. Our novel, diagnostic platform is designed to reach populations at risk for malaria and sickle cell disease.

CEO Allie Magyar used to run some of the biggest events in the tech industry, the company’s website says, but struggled with the “sea of spreadsheets and emails it took to make things go.” So she helped start Hubb, whose products streamline and speed up event planning and increase attendance.

Its mission is “giving the underrated salad the love and respect it deserves.” The company prioritizes local and organic ingredients. Garden Bar now has seven locations in Portland, and CEO Ana Chaud plans to open another eight.
The other seven companies are: RFPIO, Agricool, Versi, Heritage Laboratories, Rezi, Scout Military and Curadite.

Monica Enand became a TiE Entrepreneur Member in 2007, received funding and mentorship from TiE’s Charter Members and Angels. Since then, Monica has led the Zapproved team through two liquidity events that have given the TiE Oregon Angels the largest return on their investment since the group starting investing. Monica is now giving back by mentoring entrepreneurs and investing in local startups.

Let’s face it: sharing homes isn’t just for college kids anymore. Times are changing, and as we get older, sometimes our houses get emptier too. Good thing Silvernest means they don’t have to stay that way. You have a life to live, and we exist to help fill your empty rooms with the type of mates your want in your space. The result? Some extra cash to keep your nest egg warm. Doing more things you love. Having company. And making the most of the home you worked so hard to build. Not to mention giving your housemate a nice place to live on a nice budget with a nice person like you—all under one roof.

Silvernest boldly breaks the rules of aging so you can open your home on your own terms, creating the next generation of roommates.

Source Direction cuts down interviewing time by 75%. Unique video interviewing, and patent-pending skill matching eliminate hours wasted sorting through traditional resumes. Quit the tedious keyword process today and reinvent the way you recruit. Source Direction is also a graduate of the TRIP Accelerator Program at TiE Rockies in Denver, Colorado.