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TiE Global Health (TGH) Initiative is to bring together TiE Charter Members from around the world that have an interest in HealthTech.

Mission and Vision:

TGH provides a platform that facilitates dialog and interactions between the group, exchange of knowledge and ideas, showcase technology, manage interaction between stakeholders, bring together investors, innovators and enterprises to study the innovative solutions (startups), understand the gaps (from enterprises), and learn where the money is flowing (through investors), provide experiential knowledge (mentors and advisors) and use the collective connections to create a heightened momentum which can be tapped for the greater good for investing, mentoring, advising and showcasing of ideas.

Objective / Goal:

Creating a Healthcare community of TiE Charter members, as well as providing a platform for multiple stakeholders in the Healthcare space.

Startup Innovators – present your ideas in a pitch fest event that we host to get feedback and bring awareness on what you are doing – and possibly a TiE Charter member that may be interested in investing in your startup

Investors – learn about the innovations in the area of healthcare, and talk about where the money is flowing

Enterprise Executives – share the problems that you are solving in healthcare and where the gaps are and the solutions you are looking for Healthcare Systems, Payers, Providers talk about your workflows and how you would like to use the technology to solve some of your pressing needs

Mentors/Advisors – come share your wisdom and find startups that may be seeking your help or connections.


Core Objectives and Desired Outcomes: 

  1. Shared Learning
  2. Showcase innovations
  3. Cross border Interactions
  4. Customer Acquisition
  5. Investing opportunities / Gaps in Healthcare to be addressed
  6. Heightened Momentum through Interactions

Past TIE Healthcare SIG Sessions

April 28, 2020
Investing in healthcare – Ajit Singh, Partner, Artiman Ventures; Dipty Desai (Moderator)

April 21, 2020
COVID: Fact Vs Fiction – Health Tech Panel
Dr. Patrick Murray, Worldwide Senior Director of Scientific Affairs. Becton Dickenson Achal Pashine, Head of Immunology, Arvinas, Dr Swaminathan Iyer Department of Lymphoma – MD Andersen Cancer Center, Dr V Ramasubramanium, Dept of Infectious Diseases at Apollo Hospitals; Abhi Gholap (Moderator)

June 18, 2020
Cross Border Health –  Startup Journeys Abhijit Gupta (Praxify), Dr Amit Kharat (Deeptek), Kanav Hasija (Innovacer), Dipty Desai (Moderator)

May 19,2020
Ask Suja Chandrasekaran, Chief Digital Officer of CommonSpirit, Venkatesh Shukla and BJ Arun (Moderators)