Past Events


TiE Women – TGA Showcase

TiE Women Chapter Winners looking to fundraise in the US, Pitch to TiE Global Angels.  … READ MORE

2022 CM Retreat in Rome, Italy

TiE Global CM Retreat 2022Rome, ItalyThe 2022 TiE CM Retreat will take placefrom August 12th to August 15th, 2022 in Rome, Italy.Charter Members will have a chance to network and meet their CM friends  … READ MORE

TYE Global Finals 2022

TiE Dallas – Hosting TYE Globals 2022TiE Dallas and TiE Global are excited to host the young entrepreneur-winning teams across the globe. TiE Young Entrepreneurs TYE is a TiE Global initiative to ins  … READ MORE

Digitalization has a carbon footprint

If Bitcoin were a country, it would be the 23rd largest energy consumer in the World!. Global spending on digital transformation could top US2.4 trillion by 2024, more than double of 2019! However,Dig  … READ MORE

Leadership Techniques to Achieve Fast-Paced Growth

In this session of TiE Women Connect Series, join us in a conversation withVinatha Nathan- a seasoned corporate executive in global industrial manufacturing. She ispresently a senior business leader a  … READ MORE

TiE Women – Active Learning Workshop – Startup Essentials

Startup Essentials to Supercharge Your Business 10 of startups succeed and enjoy the sweet taste of success. Why?They follow the right approach and the right business strategy. Join us for the session  … READ MORE

TiE Women – Aspiring To Win

If you are an entrepreneur, you would want to attend this session about the TiE Women Pitch Competition 2022.The session will start with a panel discussion with Investors focused on investing in women  … READ MORE

TiE Women Connect – How Venture Capitalists Make Decisions!

Sig Mosley is the Managing Partner of Mosley Ventures, a venture fund investing in early-stage technology startups in the Southeast and a Venture Partner in Zane Venture Fund. He is also an advisor to  … READ MORE

The Era of SPACE Capacity Building and SPACE Tech Funds

Space Tech as an area is emerging like anything, there are not only funds but funds of funds getting created.Would space tech be any different from worldly tech? Would there be enough startups to inve  … READ MORE

What Impact Investors Really Want?

A session whereImpact Investors Interact, broughtto you by TiE Social Entrepreneurship SIG.DATE & TIME9th Feb 630 PM PT10th Feb 8 AM IST10th Feb 1030 AM ETKEYNOTE Naina Batra, CEO Asian Venture Philan  … READ MORE

Sunil Gavaskar – Heart to Heart Foundation

Sunil GavaskarsH2H Foundation is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to saving the lives of children born with congenital heart defects CHDS by providing free pediatric cardiac surgeries.They   … READ MORE

Dubai CMs Tickets : Retreat Awards & Gala Night

Invitation to TiE Dubai CMs to attend the Retreat Chapter Awards & Gala Night at the Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi.  … READ MORE

2021 CM Retreat in Abu Dhabi, UAE

TIE Global CM Retreat 2021Saadiyat Islands, Abu DhabuThe 2021 TIE CM Retreat will take placefrom December 17th to December 20th, 2021 atSaadiyat Island, Abu Dhabi, UAE.Prior to the Retreat, CMs are in  … READ MORE

TIE Global Summit 2021 in Dubai

Join us for the Worlds largest entrepreneurship Summit – TIE Global Summit 2021 hosted by TIE Dubai and TIE Global, during Expo 2021 Dubai. TIE Global Summit is TIEs annual global networking and confe  … READ MORE

TGS 2021 Gala Dinner and Awards Night (8 PM Gulf Time)

Gala Dinner and Awards Niteat the Armani Hotel in Dubai starting at 8 PM Gulf Standard Time  … READ MORE

TGS 2021 : TiEtans Startups

TiEtans Startup Package at TGS 2021TIEtans Startups will receive the following benefits at TGS 2021:1. Dedicated TiEtans passes for 2 persons per company2. TiEtans pass guarantees entry to TGS 2021 ke  … READ MORE

HealthTech Innovation – Enabling Care For All

TiE Globals Social Entrepreneurship Special Interest Group is pleased to present discussion with esteemed panel of guests working on innovative technology enterprises with the impact of enhancing acce  … READ MORE

TiE Women – Global Pitch Competition 2021

The finals of the TiE Women Global Pitch Competition 2021 – in Dubai. 6 Finalists, selected out of 40 semifinalistscompete for the top prize.  … READ MORE

Dubai As A Global Hub and Dubai Expo 2020

Join us for an exclusive online talk with His Excellency Helal Saeed Almarri, Director General, Dubais Department of Tourism & Commerce Marketing along with PK Gulati – Trustee, Global Board of TiE I   … READ MORE

Investing In Women-Led Companies: The Future Is Here

Join us for an exclusive Fireside Chat with Jesse Draper, General Partner – Halogen Ventures to explore theFuture of Possibilities by Investing in Women Entrepreneurs.Jesse Draper is the Founding part  … READ MORE

Healthcare – Covid & Beyond

Conveners – Viiveck Verma and Dr Ganesh Natarajan – Co Chairs, Social Entrepreneurship SIGSpeakers :Saurabh Shrivastav – Co-Founder NASSCOM & TiE IndiaSudhir Mehta -President MCCIA and Lead Coordinato  … READ MORE

Financing Environment & Sustainability related Businesses

Investments in environment and sustainability related businesses are skyrocketing since the Paris accord was signed in 2015.. In our session, we will discussDrivers for transition to green, environmen  … READ MORE

TiE Women – ALW 3 – Introduction to Digital Marketing Planning

In the 3rd session ofActive Learning WorkshopRamit H. – General Manager, MENA – b8ta will facilitateIntroduction to Digital Marketing Planning:Insights into the top trending Digital Publishing Platfor  … READ MORE

TiE Women Connect – Entrepreneur with Purpose in Business & Life: Transformational CEO Perspective

How to move the needle when the business is stuck. How to pivot, generate revenue and scale even when companies start losing clients and motivation. Tune in to get insights and perspective of a succes  … READ MORE

Leadership Lessons from Landing on Mars

Touchdown Confirmed On February 18, 2021, with the eyes of the world watching, Dr. Swati Mohan was the first person to announce that Mars 2020 PerseveranceRover had successfully touched down on the Ma  … READ MORE

TiE Women – International Open Mic Night

4 Chapters come together for the firstTiE Women International Open Mic Night.5 companies from each participating Chapter pitch to a panel of mentors to get the perfect pitch.Hosting Chapters are – TiE  … READ MORE

Funding Beyond Equity Financing

Join us for a discussion on Funding Beyond Equity, with -Ishpreet Gandhi, Founder and Managing Partner – Stride VenturesShanti Mohan, Venture Partner N1 Capital and Founder LetsVentureSoma Chattopadh  … READ MORE

TiE Women – ALW2 – Be your own brand ambassador

In session 2 of the TiE Women Active Learning Workshop, we will focus on building a personal brand.Our Expert,Briar Prestidge is a serial entrepreneur and CEO of Prestidge Group, a PR, personal brandi  … READ MORE

Unlock Innovation and Creativity to Drive Impact

Necessity is the mother of invention and the pandemic has made us push the reset button on how we think about innovation and creativity. Our world view of science and technology has changed as have o  … READ MORE

TiE Women ALW – IP (Trademarks and Copyrights – Significance and Management)

In the first session of TiE Women Active Learning Workshops, thepresentation will highlight the following:What intellectual property IP is and how it plays a major part of the success of a business?Th  … READ MORE

TYE Global Finals 2022

TiE Dallas – Hosting TYE Globals 2022TiE Dallas and TiE Global are excited to host the young entrepreneur-winning teams across the globe.TiE Young Entrepreneurs TYE is a TiE Global initiative to inspi  … READ MORE

Sustaining And Enriching Legacies – TiE Women – Connect Series

An intimate Fireside chat between Jeyasree Ravi Founder – Palam Silks and Dharti Arvind Desai – Co-Chair, TiE Women andPresident, TiE New York.  … READ MORE

Aspiring to Win

If you are an entrepreneur, you will want to attend this session about the TiE Women Pitch Competition 2021.Chapter winners from participating chapters will talk about their pitch experience, winning   … READ MORE

TYE Master Workshop : TYE Global Finals Prep

About Master Virtual Workshop SeriesTYE Global brings to you a series of TYE Master Virtual Workshops to prepare current TYE students towards yourFinal Competition. These workshops aim to provide supp  … READ MORE

Opportunities & Challenges in the Indian EV Market

EVENT TIME: 3:30 PM INDIA, 6:00 PM SINGAPORE on 29th APRIL 2021Arrival of Electric Vehicles EV globally is expected to be the next disruptive force for the auto industry and a boon for sustainability   … READ MORE

TIE Women Connect – Ep 6: Delivering on customer promises amidst a pandemic through an innovative and resilient supply chain

TIE Women presents Susan Johnson, Executive Vice President of Global Connections & Supply Chain at AT&T. Susan will be in conversation with Kanchana Raman, President and CEO – Avion Networks and an Ex  … READ MORE

TYE Master Workshop : The Pitch and Presentation

About Master Virtual Workshop SeriesTYE Global brings to you a series of TYE Master Virtual Workshops to prepare current TYE students towards yourFinal Competition. These workshops aim to provide supp  … READ MORE

Choosing to Challenge: A Panel Discussion With Global Trailblazers

Join us for a session with Global trailblazers in aconversation about choosing to challenge norms to make room for women empowerment through entrepreneurial breakthroughs.  … READ MORE

TYE Master Workshop : Product-Market Fit

About Master Virtual Workshop SeriesTYE Global brings to you a series of TYE Master Virtual Workshops to prepare current TYE students towards yourFinal Competition. These workshops aim to provide supp  … READ MORE

March Social Entrepreneurship SIG Event

TiE Global Social Entrepreneurship SIG is leading a mission to identify Charter Members, Impact Investors and Social Enterprises NGOs in all TiE chapters for nurturing, mentoring, partnerships, and i  … READ MORE

Small player in a land of giants!

Join us for a conversation withAndrew Ko,Founder and CEO, KovexaFormer MD Global Education, Amazon Web ServicesFormer GM, US Education, Microsoft, to talk more about investing in Education. He will be  … READ MORE

Reimagining Investing in Frontier Technology

A Fireside Chat with Anand Kamannavar, Head, Applied Ventures LLC,the session would be hosted by Dr. Gopichand Katragadda, Founder & CEO, MyelinFoundry.Get an overview and understand1. Post pandemic d  … READ MORE

TYE Master Workshop : Rapid Prototyping

About Master Virtual Workshop SeriesTYE Global brings to you a series of TYE Master Virtual Workshops to prepare current TYE students towards yourFinal Competition. These workshops aim to provide supp  … READ MORE

TYE Master Workshop : Creative Thinking

About Master Virtual Workshop SeriesTYE Global brings to you a series of TYE Master Virtual Workshops to prepare current TYE students towards yourFinal Competition. These workshops aim to provide supp  … READ MORE

Pre-K now starts at age 24 months. Believe it

Meet Amit Agrawal, Founder OckyPocky in a fireside chat with education SIG Chair – Tariq Khan, in a conversation about Pre-K education.  … READ MORE

Recycling – Our Future

Sustainability SIG Event  … READ MORE

HealthCare & HealthTech: Strategic Pivot for US-India Startups

The Covid-19 pandemic has put the spotlight on HealthCare and HealthTech as a top agenda for business, countries, and people. Accelerated vaccine development, real-time health monitoring and scaling o  … READ MORE

B2B and B2C in Education: noise versus ground reality

TiE Edu-SIG, bi-weekly fireside chat, catch Satish and Tariq live as they pick-up brains of Beas Dev Ralhan, to check ground realities of B2B and B2C Education business.  … READ MORE

A TiE Education SIG Event : Success and Balance in Life

A Fireside chat with Educator-Investor-Entrepreneur Shailu Tipparaju, founder of Examity  … READ MORE

Preparing the World for Autonomy

Dr Jacopo Tani, Senior Research Scientist, Robotics, ETH Zurich, and CEO, Duckietown Inc, in conversation with Dr Shreeram Iyer on educating the world for autonomyLike the internet 30 years ago, robo  … READ MORE

A TiE Social Entrepreneurship SIG Series – December Forum

A TiE Global Social Entrepreneurship SIG Series – December Forum. Hear from these 3 social entrepreneurs.MR RangaswamiMR Rangaswami was one of the early angel investors in the Silicon Valley and forme  … READ MORE

Ground Realities of Operating Schools in India

Hear first-hand from these progressive budget school operators about the challenges and opportunities in improving the quality of education in India!Harish Mamtani cofounder, SEED Schools, a group of   … READ MORE

The Realities of Reskilling

Change of course is a constant. On average, a person in his 40s has pivoted three times in his or her career. Why this happens may be beyond us to explain fully, but how this happens is in the domain   … READ MORE

Health Assurance and the Future of Healthcare

Hemantwill discuss his thesis of Health Assurance and how the healthcare system needs to transform to bring consumerism, affordability, and rational economic behavior to the healthcare sector. InUnHea  … READ MORE

TiE Women Connect – Ep 5 – Delivering a Memorable Customer Experience

In session 5 of the TiE Women Connect Series, Aparna Khurjekar, Chief Customer Officer for the Verizon Consumer Group will be in conversation with host Kanachana Raman co-lead of the mini-series. Duri  … READ MORE

Indian Social Enterprise Success Stories

Come, listen to social entrepreneurs from India, including Asha Impact, Educate Girls and iKure, who are making a positive impact. Hear from our panel on various impact investing opportunities in the   … READ MORE

Educational Outreach to the Underserved - what does it take ?

Education for the underserved, whether in the US, India or other countries presents challenges of inequality, access to proper equipment and connectivity as well as need to adapt content to the contex  … READ MORE

Artificial Intelligence to address Problems in Precision Oncology and Global Health: Use cases in Oral and Breast Cancer

This workshop will describe partnerships in AI and computational pathology for precision medicine in the context of oral and breast cancer between Case Western Reserve University, the Cleveland Clinic  … READ MORE

Bet on the House – Invest in the Gaming Company

Bet on the House – Invest in the Gaming CompanyA Gaming, Media & Entertainment SIG event.7.30 – 9amPST, 10.30am -12 EST, 8- 9.30 pmIST.Join us to hear from veterans of the Gaming industry Manish Agar  … READ MORE

Kirloskar – The Past Present & Future

Come listen to two generations of the Kirloskar family in a moderated Q&A session where they will talk about the past, the present and the future including their foray into healthcare and health for I  … READ MORE

Disrupting the Status Quo and Succeeding

In Episode 4 of the of the TiE Women Connect Mini-Series, Smita Bagla co-lead of the mini-series will be in conversation withAmelia Warren Tyagi. Amelia is a highly successful executive and entreprene  … READ MORE

TiE Global Social Entrepreneurship Forum

Driving Impact: The Power of Social EntrepreneurshipWe are launching the TiE Global Social Entrepreneurship SIG with keynote speakers Desh Deshpande and Sam Pitroda.This a the first in a series of eve  … READ MORE

A TiE Education SIG Event : Higher Education, India's evolution

Prof Debashis Chatterjee of IIM Kozhikode in conversation with Satya Narayanan, Founder CEO of Career Launcher  … READ MORE

TiE Charter Member Retreat (Virtual)

This year, after the cancellation of our Almaty Retreat due to COVID we are hosting a Virtual Retreat for our Charter Members.Heres the agenda -7 – 7.30 am: Join the Retreat and network with fellow CM  … READ MORE


The finalists are:Heres the zoom link -https:us02web.zoom.usj87828710111  … READ MORE


Zoom info for Semifinal sessions todayTrack A – Starts at 7 AM PST 7:30 PM IST – https:us02web.zoom.usj8372…Track H – Starts at 7:30 AM PST 8 PM IST – https:us02web.zoom.usj8251…Pitch competition   … READ MORE

How Simple Mechanical Gadgets Transformed Cardiovascular Care In The Last Two Decades

TiE is tech-heavy with entrepreneurs, who create software, utilize data, or develop electronic hardware to provide various solutions. Sanjay Srivastava a Board Member of Nasdaq Traded, Hancock Jaffe L  … READ MORE

Virtual Incubation Program for Women Entrepreneurs

Zone Startups India is partnering withStartup Indiato launch its first Virtual Incubation Program for Women Entrepreneurs VIP-WE to promote women entrepreneurship in the country. TiE Women is delighte  … READ MORE

TiE Women Connect – Relentless Pursuits of A Self-Made Entrepreneur

Jill is a self-made entrepreneur who had a 100 Mn Exit from her bootstrapped During the session Jill will share her insights on her journey from a entrepreneur to an investor.Zoom lin  … READ MORE

An Inventor and Founder's Perspective on Building a Biotech Startup based on University Medical Research

Translating university medical research into a startup and performing clinical testing is a challenging and capital intensive endeavor. Samir will speak about his journey of translating his doctoral   … READ MORE

TiE ED SIG : Venture Investments in the Education Space, Conversation with Gopal Jain

TiE Global Board of Trustees Member Tariq Khan will host a conversation with Gopal Jain, Managing Partner of Private Equity firm Gaja Capital. To quote the Economic Times, G  … READ MORE

Pivoting During Challenging Times – A Fireside Chat with Jennifer Sims (TiE Women Connect Mini Series, Ep 2)

In Episode 2 of the of the TiE Women Connect Mini-Series, Kanchana Raman co-lead of the mini-series will be in a fireside chat with Jennifer Sims, CEO, Power & Tel. Power & Tel is a worldwide distribu  … READ MORE

Wellness For Global Entrepreneurs

Heres a webinaronWellness for Global Entrepreneurs:Managing Your Gut Health & Immunity with Dietary & Wellness PracticesThe session will be focused onEntrepreneurs and Professionals:- In the times of   … READ MORE

Globally Identifying Newly Emerging Markets

Zoom link for the session – https:zoom.uswebinarregisterWN7SdgEiEmSVyy4SBpzz50OQBring your coffee, chai, or evening beverage and join us Saturday June 20, for a session jointlyhosted by TiE Women and   … READ MORE

Cross Border Health: Startup Journeys

Indian startups are commandeering a presence that is extending beyond its borders. The Indian startup ecosystem has evolved to a point where they are attracting foreign investments. While there were a  … READ MORE

Inside Workforce Development – Evolution, Survival and the Leap Forward

Join us for an interesting discussion on Skilling Upskilling the Workforce between Karl Mehta, Founder of Edcast and an Investor in the Ed tech space and Murali Bukkapatnam an Entrepreneur in this sp  … READ MORE

Digital Pathology 3.0

Over the last 2 decades, conventional pathology using glass slides and microscopes for diagnostics and research is rapidly transforming into a Digital Avatar. With Tele-pathology and AI tools, patholo  … READ MORE

TiE Women’s Resilient Global Footprints…Impact & Outlook

First session of the TiE Women India Webinar Series.Topic: TiE Womens Resilient Global Footprints…Impact & OutlookTime: Jun 8, 2020 06:30 PM ISTJoin Zoom Meetinghttps:us02web.zoom.usj89724941155?pwd  … READ MORE

TiE Talks – With Sunil Gavaskar

Click here for the Link for the TiE Talks Session With Sunil Gavaskar  … READ MORE

Reimagining Education

The forces of change were all there well before COVID. Does higher education get you the job and livelihood you want? Do K-12 programs provide the base skills needed in todays economy? What is specifi  … READ MORE

Leading In The New Normal – With Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

An interactive session with Art of Living founder Sri Sri Ravi Shankarand the TiE leaders. This session isfor Entrepreneurs to focus and lead their lives in the new normal.  … READ MORE

(TiE Women) – 4 strategies for Winning During Challenging Times – Fireside Chat with Patti White

TiE Women Global Initiative is starting aTiE Women -ConnectMini-Series with focus on strategies for women entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs to help get ready for opportunities in the new normal.In month  … READ MORE

Dr.Jagdish Sheth on Great to Gone: Will Retailing survive the COVID crisis?

Listen to Internationally renowned Expert Dr.Jagdish Sheth speak about the future of RetailingThree great retailers J C Penney, Neiman Marcus and J.Crew declaredbankruptcy and sought Chapter 11 protec  … READ MORE

AI in Healthcare – Opportunities and Vision for our World Beyond COVID-19

Our healthcare system over burdened with the COVID-19 pandemic can be rescued by the thoughtful application of technology combined with data science.There is a clear opportunity to provide personalize  … READ MORE

TYE Program Participation by a TiE Chapter – (chapter administration use only)

TYE Chapter Participation Agreement for 2019-2020TYE Participation  … READ MORE

TYE University Global Finals

TYE University is a program targeted for college and university startup students who are interested in making their startup dreams a reality. The TYE University Program supplements the teaching progra  … READ MORE

TYE Leaders Workshop

TYE Leaders, Instructors & Program Managers,Youre invited to attend the TYE Leaders Workshop on 20th February, led by Shashi Jain, creator of the new Innovation based TYE curriculum. It is an all day   … READ MORE