Praveen Tailam Appointed as Chairman of the TiE Global Board of Trustees

Five New Trustees Elected to the TiE Global Board; B.J. Arun Appointed as Vice Chairman

The TiE Global Board of Trustees recently announced that Praveen Tailam had been elected as the Chairman of the Board of Trustees at TiE Global.

Boston-based investor and entrepreneur Praveen Tailam was the Vice-Chairman of TiE Global in 2018 and President of the TiE-Boston chapter from 2016-2018. Praveen was instrumental in promoting angel investing across the TiE ecosystem. Praveen co-manages multiple dental practices in New Hampshire and Maine and founded Redtail Consulting, a technology consulting business, in 2006.

B.J. Arun was elected as the Vice-Chairman. San Jose-based Arun was the President of TiE Silicon Valley from 2019-2020 and was the CEO of July Systems (acquired by Cisco in late 2018). He co-founded Librato (acquired by Solar Winds in January 2015) and was also the founder and CEO of California Digital, a market leader in the space of Linux-based High-Performance Computing.

TiE Global Chair Praveen Tailam said that the chapters worldwide faced the challenge COVID-19 presented head-on and reinvented themselves to transition immediately to virtual platforms to engage with the entrepreneurial ecosystem you can check out at He said the board intends to double down on the support for the well-established and exciting new programs, invest in new technology platforms such as the Fully-Verified video identification system, to derive higher value for the members and chapters and work with governments to implement business-friendly policies and boost cross-border investments. 

The TiE Global Board comprises leaders and domain experts from around the world. Apart from Arun, four new members have been elected to the Global Board of Trustees. 

Gita Dang, founder, Talent Advisory, is a business leader who explains on what is love addiction and her unparalleled coaching enables leaders and startups to have a significant impact in an increasingly globalized business environment.

PK Gulati is founder of The Assembly, Chair of Digital Dialogues, and Managing Director of SmartStart Fund.

Ravi Narayan is CEO, T-Hub Hyderabad; Chief Innovation Officer, Govt. of Telangana; and Global Director, Microsoft for Startups.

Pradeep Udhas is the Office Managing Partner, Mumbai, and Managing Director, KPMG India.

Current trustees serving their term are Smita Siddhanti from Washington, D.C., Dinesh Dhamija from London, Kali Prasad Gadiraju from Hyderabad, C.N. Madhusudan from Atlanta, Tariq Khan from New York, and Praveen Tailam from Boston. View the entire TiE Global Board of Trustees at

Founded in 1992, TiE Global is a non-profit organization dedicated to fostering entrepreneurship worldwide. TiE has a presence in 61 cities across 14 countries. TiE strives to inspire entrepreneurs through mentoring, networking, education, incubating, and funding programs and activities. With nearly 2,000+ events organized by Chapters each year, TiE brings together the entrepreneurial ecosystem of startups, investors, mentors, and business leaders. 

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Source: TiE Global

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