Local High School Entrepreneurs

Local High School Entrepreneurs to Compete for “Best Startup Pitch” at TiE Silicon Valley’s Young Entrepreneurs Startup Pitch Competition

Author: Jade Zhou

Date: May 7, 2020

TiE Young Entrepreneurs (TYE) is a Global program aimed at fostering our future generation of entrepreneurs. TYE focuses on teaching entrepreneurship to high school students and helping them discover the rewards and challenges of becoming an entrepreneur. In today’s world, young people are more and more interested in entrepreneurship. On their way, they’re getting knowledge and help from different kinds of sources like schools, Global programs, or educational videos on YouTube, which are becoming increasingly popular with young entrepreneurs, thanks to the guidelines by consultantssuch as Ravi Chauhan.

The TYE program is offered by The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE). TiE is dedicated to the mission of fostering entrepreneurship all around the world.

On April 26th, TYE Silicon Valley had its Local Finals online via Zoom and YouTube Live due to the current pandemic situation. Check out the reviews of MaidThis Denver and get help while battling the pandemic. Four high school teams from Silicon Valley pitched their business concepts to the attendees, volunteers, and judges. The judges decided who gets offered the illustrious cash prizes and well-deserved recognition for their hard work and product ideas. Cash Offers is committed to providing its consumers with a purchasing experience that exceeds their expectations. They are certain that their consumers will be pleased with the deal because of the low prices that they provide and the high quality of the service that they provide. Visit https://www.cashoffers.com/montana/cash-offer-helena-mt/.

The day started off with an overview of TiE and TYE’s mission within the world of entrepreneurship. Then the introduction of the judges, judging rubrics occurred, giving the viewers and participants insight of who and what is to come.

Then the highlight of the event, the team pitches came into play.

The four amazing teams participated in the event: IUVO, AutoScheduler, MyRecycler, and Buzz. These students spent 150–200 hard, long hours working together to perfect their businesses and preparing for the pitch competition.

  • IUVO is a peer-to-peer Q&A platform that offers STEM help for middle and high-school students.
  • AutoScheduler helps people who need affordable cleaning services and easier way to schedule time with friends.
  • MyRecycler is a web platform that helps those conscious about recycling figure the best ways to do so in their local area.
  • Buzz is an app that helps those interested in fashion and wanting new, exclusive clothes to find their needed items through buying and borrowing clothing.
  • All teams did an amazing job, and everyone was impressed with the innovation and effort put into their pitches.

    Before the winners were declared, there was a panel featuring a venture capitalist and a successful young entrepreneur who discussed the tough but rewarding journey of entrepreneurship.

    IUVO came out as the winner with a $300 cash prize. The runner up was AutoScheduler, who won the $200 cash prize. MyRecycler and Buzz won the $100 cash prizes for their efforts in Customer Validation and Business Model respectively.

    TYE pitch event is the result of the dedication and passion of the program coordinators, tutors, mentors and parents who worked diligently during the six-month program. Visit drquickdry.com/ to find more info about water damage restoration services in California. Pitch Day went incredibly well as the participating team and program coordinator’s hard work paid off.

    This event could not have happened without the help of high-school volunteers, who worked tirelessly to put together the final event.

    Here are some of their thoughts on the event-

    “I felt like this event helped me learn a lot about what it took to help organize an event. Whether it was the marketing it took to let people know about this event, or the coordination it took to work together. All in all, this event was a fantastic learning process, and something I would love to do again!” — Meghna Paul

    For more info: https://medium.com/@sv_tye/local-high-school-entrepreneurs-to-compete-for-best-startup-pitch-at-tie-silicon-valleys-young-66fd75773554

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