Global Newsletter – March 2020

This month we have a special Women’s Day edition featuring updates from TiE Global’s recent initiative to improve the entrepreneurial journey of women across geographies. This also marks the beginning of the quarterly editions of TiE Women Newsletter.Inclusion is a major part of fostering entrepreneurship. TiE believes in providing equal opportunities and we are focused on championing the entrepreneurial ecosystem. In this edition, we introduce all of you to our TiE Women program and its launch in various chapters.

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TiE Women

During TGS 4 in New Delhi last year, we launched a program focused on women entrepreneurs – “TiE Women”. With the mission to Embrace, Engage and Empower women entrepreneurs, the program will be aligned with TiE’s pillars focusing on fostering entrepreneurship.

The Need
  1. Women Entrepreneurs need increased representation in the TiE Ecosystem
  2. Several TiE Chapters are already doing programs/events of their own, TiE Women will provide a global program to build momentum across all Chapters whether they are mature or maturing in this space.
  3. Women Entrepreneurs have unique needs/challenges that this program will address
  4. TiE has a large network of accomplished women and men entrepreneurs/leaders who will be accessible to any stage women entrepreneurs looking to network, learn, get mentored, incubate or gain access to funding

The Program

TiE Women is organizing pitch competitions for women entrepreneurs in 2020 across chapters before June 30th. Every chapter winner will travel to Dubai to participate in the global pitch competition finale at the TiE Global Summit (TGS) in December 2020. The winner will get $100,000 prize money, access to global VCs, investors, and accelerators.

22 Chapters have already signed up including Chapters in India, US, Pakistan, Singapore, Australia and Dubai.

The Process

Chapters to select 1 local pitch competition winner
Nominate local winner for the global pitch competition
Local competition winners participate in global finals at TGS 5 in Dubai

Who Can Participate
Women-led or co-led startups
Early or Late Stage
Chapter pitch competition winners participate in global finals at TGS 5 in Dubai

For more details, visit

Meet the Leaders

Apart from the Leadership and the Strategic advisory committee, TiE Women is supported by Charter Members from multiple Chapters. Click on the link to know more about the team members –

Pledge to Support TiE Women

This International Women’s Day 2020 (IWD2020), if you wish to support TiE Women, use the link below to download a personalised IWD2020 badge supporting TiE Women and share it on social media.

Download your personalised badge now: 
Don’t forget to use below hashtags, so that we can repost your images.
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TiE Women Partners With empoWer 

During TiEcon Mumbai, on January 29th, TiE signed an MoU with BSE empoWer for the 2020 program. empoWer – an initiative by Zone Startups India — currently in its 5th Edition, is India’s First Tech Accelerator for Women.

Over the past 4 years, 79 women entrepreneurs have been a part of 4 cohorts, and 2 Bootcamps. Each cohort is a 6-week accelerator program comprising 15 women entrepreneurs selected from a pan-India application pool. empoWer has disbursed more than INR 2.4 Crores in grants. Post-program, a large majority of startups have raised further funding amounting to a cumulative of INR 32 Crores. It helps startups scale by providing mentorship, industry connects, peer network, investor meets through a 6-week accelerator program, followed by a 1-year support program.

As a partner of TiE Women program in India, empoWer will provide –

  1. A fully-paid two-day Bootcamp for all Indian Chapter winners in Mumbai
  2. A fully-paid workshop for three runners-up from Indian Chapters
  3. Travel cost for all Indian Chapter finalists that go to TGS Dubai

Chapter Launches of TiE Women

TiE Oregon

As a part of its launch of TiE Women, TiE Oregon launched a series of local events that include opportunities for women entrepreneurs to meet with mentors and investors, practice their pitches, and share best practices through several round table discussions.

For more details of the program, you can visit,

TiE Surat

On January 30th, Hemalatha Annamalai (Chair, TiE Women), Dharti Arvind Desai (Vice-Chair, TiE Women) and Hemant Gupta (Managing Director BRTSIF) launched TiE women in Surat.

The launch was conducted in the presence of over 150 women entrepreneurs from Surat. Chapter President Sanjay Punjabi, Associate Director Rinki Singh, and Chapter Lead Surbhi Saxena executed the event.

TiE Hubli

TiE Hubli launched TiE Women during the Women’s Conclave organised a day before TiEcon Hubli on Feb 1st.

TiE Coimbatore

TiE Coimbatore welcomed over 60 women entrepreneurs interested in the TiE Women program at the launch on Feb 4th. Apart from the TiE Women leadership and Coimbatore Board members, social activist and entrepreneur Arunachalam Muruganantham was also present at the event.

TiE Chennai

Chennai launched TiE Women on Feb 6th. The launch happened in the presence of C K Ranganathan – President of TiE Chennai, Hemalatha Annamalai – Chair TiE Women, Dharti Arvind Desai – Vice-Chair TiE Women, Hemant Gupta, Managing Director, BRTSIF, Akhila Rajeshwar – Executive Director, TiE Chennai and Aparna Ram Mohan Lead, TiE Women at TiE Chennai.

TiE Melbourne

TiE Melbourne in partnership with the Australia India Institute and the Australia India Chamber and supported by The State Government of Victoria announced the launch of The Women Entrepreneurs Program.

The program aligns with Victorian Government priorities related to engagement and strengthening of the Indian diaspora community, Victoria’s India Strategy: Our Shared Future and financial freedom as a result of gender empowerment.

The program’s focus is to enable participants to take a good idea and turn it into a robust business plan and pitched to a jury panel of leading entrepreneurs at the completion of the program.

Participants are supported on this journey from the idea phase to the planning phase via a facilitated weekly workshop program over 5 weeks starting in April 2020. The program aims to teach and expose the participants on best practices from generating a good idea, to a robust business plan and to potentially pitch to prospective investors.

It will run for 6 weeks from 23rd April to 28th May 2020. There are 5 facilitated weekly workshops with the finale being a pitch competition.

TiE Hyderabad

Watch the web launch at –
Visit TiE Women Website

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